How to Stop Your Hand Cramps

We’ve all been there. Sometimes you encounter a page or two that just needs to be filled in with bright splashes of color and the next thing you know, your hand is cramped. Not only are hand cramps painful, but once you get one, more likely than not, it’s the end of the coloring session.

We’ve found a few great hand strengthening exercises that can help strengthen the muscles of your hands. Stronger muscles will be able to endure longer coloring sessions.

Finger Pushing

This exercise is great for strengthening the muscles in all of your fingers as well as your hands. Simply follow these steps:

• Place your palms together and keep your elbows horizontal to the floor.
• One by one, starting with the Index fingers, push your fingers left and then right. Remember to keep the other fingers still (or at least try!) while you are pushing one pair of fingers.
• Continue with all of your fingers and repeat in three sets of five.
• As your hands and fingers get stronger you will be able to have more control over the exercise
• Try to do the exercise at least three times each week.

The ‘Live Long and Prosper’

For those who are Star Trek fans, you will love this exercise.
• Start by making the famous ‘Live Long and Prosper’ hand sign. (If you do not know, simply separate your index and middle fingers from your ring and pinky fingers, keeping each pair held together.)
• Once you’ve gotten your hand in this position, try to bring your ring and pinky fingers together to your index and middle fingers.
• Keep your index and middle fingers still. This exercise is specifically for strengthening the weaker parts of the hand and fingers.
• Do one set of ten on each hand and repeat at least three times a week, once per day. As your hand gets stronger, increase the repetitions.

Grip Strength

This sort of exercise is great for the muscles in the entire hand and is excellent for joint health.
• Gather a palm sized rubber ball.
• Take the ball in one hand and squeeze tightly and hold for ten seconds.
• Squeeze ten times, for ten seconds each, in both of your hands.
• Start off with one set, three times a week and increase as your hands get stronger.
While these exercises are simple and effective, it is always advised to speak with your doctor before beginning any exercise regime.

We’ve also included a few tips for what to do when your hand becomes cramped. Because let’s face it, hand cramps happen!

A short list of home remedies for hand cramping is:
• Let your cramped hand rest in a bowl of warm to hot water for ten minutes. This will relax the muscles in your hand and will relieve the cramping.
• Directly apply a balm such as Tiger Balm to the sore hand muscles. These types of balms are designed for muscle pain.
• Directly apply an ice pack or cold pack to the hand. The cold will numb any pain that you are experiencing.
We hope that you are able to find these exercises and remedies useful for hand cramps associated with those long coloring sessions.

Happy and cool coloring!