THE COOLORING CLUB – Welcome to the World of Adult Coloring


Whether you’ve been gifted a unique adult coloring book or you’ve finally bought the one you’ve had your eyes on, you can be sure the journey of creativity and relaxation ahead will be more than enjoyable. In fact, adult coloring books are recognized as anti-stress therapy and are used by men and women all over the world. It’s no wonder why adult coloring books are one of the fastest growing trends of 2016.

Now that you’ve discovered this cool new hobby, it is time to let your imagination take flight and your worries to melt away.

Many times, those who haven’t indulged in this relaxing pastime will often ask: ‘Why is coloring good for you?’ As mentioned above, coloring is recognized as anti-stress therapy. Not to mention the creativity involved in this art form will allow your brain to hone your creative skills.

In addition to anti-stress therapy, coloring as an adult will enable you to connect better with your inner self. When you find yourself in these moments of silence, concentrating on the lines, the color, and the movement of your marker or colored pencil, it seems that all your worries simply vanish. Those who are avid hobbyists find that they are able to have higher levels of concentration, reduced anxiety, stronger mental clarity, increases in their self-esteem, and a heightened self-awareness.

Furthermore, coloring can assist in emotional conflicts, managing addictions and traumas, help to develop social skills, all the while improving your reality orientation. When you get the chance to explore your feelings and emotions- another positive aspect of coloring- you can find yourself in a happier mindset and relaxed state. When you are training yourself to be in a calmer, positive state of mind, you will find that you are on the road to healing yourself of any negativity placed on your being.

While there are many personal benefits to taking up coloring as an adult, it is important to distinguish that adult coloring books cannot be classified as ‘art therapy’. True art therapy consists of a trusting relationship between a licensed therapist and their client. That being said, those who are in need of therapy or those who are just trying to find a simple way to unwind, adult coloring books will be more than beneficial in assisting on this journey to a better self.

As a matter of fact, those who find themselves coloring on a regular basis- regardless of the reasons behind starting this artful hobby- will soon see that they are reaping several mental health benefits. In addition to the few benefits listed above, those who color will experience a stronger sense of focus, and a more finely tuned sense of vision and motor skills. In the end, no matter why you choose to take up coloring as an adult, you will find yourself training your brain and fine tuning your mental clarity, while at the same time placing yourself in a relaxed state.